Community Centre – Important Update




The drop-in meeting was attended by nine people and feedback through e-mail and verbal response was received from two people.

The people providing feedback were connected with:-

  • Church congregation;
  • Community Centre Management Committee;
  • PCC;
  • Women’s Institute;
  • Trefoil Guild;
  • Mothers’ Union;
  • Little Fishes;
  • Mums & Tots;
  • Pre-School;
  • Beavers;
  • Bookings for Community Centre.


Big Lottery Fund – Awards for All England Grant of £10,000 towards re-roofing

Positive feedback Negative feedback
The Community Centre is now watertight and no longer littered with buckets catching drips. Excellent. None


Big Lottery Fund – Awards for All England Grant of £3,752.70 for new tables, chairs and trolleys for moving the furniture

Positive feedback Negative feedback
The chairs are excellent and fit for a wide range of purposes and users.

Padded chairs comfortable for longer meetings.

Chairs able to be wiped down after messy activities.

Chairs with arms most suitable for people requiring some assistance when sitting and standing.

Some older chairs have been stacked with the new ones which potentially could cause damage. This issue has been addressed by removing the older chairs.
The folding tables are of suitable height when in use.

The square shape of the tables makes it possible to put them together in a variety of ways suitable to the activity.

When folded, the tables do not occupy too much valuable space.

The mechanism for opening and folding the tables is not easy to operate especially bearing in mind the number of different users.

Members of the Management Committee are to meet with the suppliers in an attempt to address this issue.

The closure bar has already broken off one of the tables.

The trolley for moving chairs on the first floor is proving useful for those users knowledgeable in its operation.


Not all users are aware how the trolley is to be used and so are still tending to carry chairs.

More guidance needs to be offered to all groups.

The trolley for moving and stacking the go-pack tables on the ground floor is proving useful.


The trolley takes up valuable space.



South Pennine Leader Grant of £2,000 towards the cost of thermal insulation, draught-proofing and energy efficient lighting


Positive feedback Negative feedback
Thermal insulation and draught-proofing make the rooms more comfortable and energy efficient. None
The lighting by the toilets and entrance from the external steps has been much improved.

A wider variety of lighting options is available within the three upstairs rooms making it suitable for a range of activities.

The ceiling lights of 3 or 5 spots appear very bright yet offer little extended light across the rooms.

Some bulbs are no longer working and others have been removed.

A member of the management committee will look into this issue with the contractor.


Community Foundation for Calderdale – Grant of £2,507 re-fitting first floor kitchen


Positive feedback Negative feedback
The kitchen is now fit for purpose and looks clean and smart.

The kitchen has encouraged more private bookings for family and party events.



Community Small Grants, Calderdale – Grant of £2,176 towards the cost of redecorating the first floor rooms and new flooring in the upstairs kitchen and washroom


Positive feedback Negative feedback
The whole of the first floor is now much more welcoming. The decoration is clean and bright and the flooring is safer with all trip hazards removed.


None – Donations, Matched Funding and Gift Aid £2,157.61


Positive feedback Negative feedback
Handrails have been fitted on both sides of both the internal and external steps.

These have been much appreciated by users who are less agile and increase safety for the very young.

External painting has improved the look of the building and will preserve the woodwork against inclement weather.



Other issues discussed


Issue Agreed action
Keys – Not all group leaders have the necessary keys for the centre.


Keys – A member of the management committee will purchase more keys for the Bookings’ Secretary so that all group leaders can be supplied with the appropriate keys.
Ground floor – Black damp patches in certain areas of the ground floor room need to be addressed and then re-decorated professionally.

Request for professional re-decoration of the toilet cubicles.


Ground floor – A member of the management committee will meet with the pre-school leaders to ascertain the extent of the problem and report back on the necessary works to the management committee. A decision will then be made on the necessary action.
First floor toilet – Water is appearing on the floor to the left hand side of the toilet. Unclear where this water is coming from. First floor toilet – A building contractor has pointed the outside wall where mortar was missing in the hope of resolving the water egress. Plumber to be contacted to check the overflow is working properly.

The bookings secretary reported that the number of private bookings has increased during 2013. This news is very positive as reflects the impact of the progress made in improving the centre over the last two years.

Thank you to all of the people and groups who provided feedback for the Management Committee.  Your views are much appreciated and valuable in planning further works.