Current Reading List

This should open up a Bible Study on Facebook with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Vicar has read some books, and recommends for you over the Summer:                                 


The PCC Members Handbook, by Keith Tanner

£6.29 to Friends of Church House Bookshop.

Everyone should read it. New PCC members, ‘veteran’ PCC members, people who elect PCC members …


Meeting God in Paul, by Rowan Williams

£8.99 Church House Bookshop

I read his ‘Meeting God in Mark’ to prepare for year B readings, and have ordered this.


Words for Worship, Prayers from the Heart of the Church of England, ed. The Liturgical Commission

£7.19 to Friends of Church House Bookshop

Continuing to inform ourselves about why we do what we do in worship.


Happy reading!