Summer 2015

The result of the 100 club draw  on 5 July was:


1st prize S Sotnyk (26)

2nd T Simpson (52)

3rd D Butler (45)


That afternoon we had a working party in the community centre car park to tidy up the area, now that Trefoil members are no longer able to look after it.  We had a break for tea and cake, after which we were suddenly  and dramatically rained off.   However, even an hour and a half made a difference.


The previous week we held the Annual Duck Race & Garden Party.

The weather forecast had been dire so it was a bonus to see a wonderful, sunny afternoon with so many people coming along to enjoy the children’s activities and witness the ducks being tipped into the River Ryburn from the Pack Horse Bridge by Cllr Melvyn Smith and the Vicar.   The only slight panic was a short, but very windy spell as we set up, with the leg of one of the gazebos lifting up so high it landed on the roof of the adjoining one.   However, no harm was done and everything went well after that.   We had to curtail our activities somewhat due to all the ongoing works between the church path and the river so no coconut shy this year.   The bouncy castle had to be moved to a new site but was extremely popular.  We needn’t have worried no-one would notice it in its new location.

The winners of the duck race were: 1st Pam Lum , 2nd Kathleen Mazey and 3rd Pat Russell – by coincidence all regulars at St Bart’s.  Rather embarrassing really, considering a total of 695 ducks were launched.   However, the many onlookers who followed the ducks to the nets at the end of the race, where they were expertly caught, can vouch for the fact the result was not a fix!

A total of £900 was raised for St Bart’s.