100 club

At the PCC meeting held on 27 January 2014, it was agreed to use the proceeds from the 100 club to replace the notice board outside church which is in need of much attention.   Enquiries are currently being made as to whether or not it can be repaired and restored to its former glory or whether a new noticeboard is now necessary.  £1300 is available to spend.

During the first year (Feb 2013 – Jan 3014) 85 people subscribed to the 100 Club, a little below our target of 100 members. In total, £2380 has been raised for the benefit of  the church &/or the community centre with the PCC deciding twice a year how best to use proceeds.   To date £744 has been spent on repairing and repainting the windows of the Community Centre.   In addition there have been start-up costs – printing of flyers (twice as we continue to promote the scheme), two annual licences and minimal admin costs.  £2600 has been paid out in prizes to 32 winning members.  Most of these payments can be delivered in person by cheque or transferred to an individual’s bank account to keep postage costs down as much as possible.


The February 2014 winners were: 1st R Jones (15), 2nd K Mazey (33), 3rd J Moffat (82).

The March 2014 winners were: 1st P Stewart (57), 2nd J Arundale ((64), 3rd K Mazey (32)

The PCC authorised purchase of a new lawn mower (£319) at the meeting of 24 March.  This is already being used on the north side of the churchyard which is tricky to mow, due to the many graves and uneven terrain.

The April winners of the draw were: lst S Sotnyk (26) 2nd I Pratt (17) 3rd N Butler (40)