Ripponden 100 Club

What is a 100 Club?

A 100 Club is a mini lottery where members pay a monthly or annual subscription to have the chance of winning one of three monthly prizes. Part of the funds raised will be paid in prizes and the remainder will be used to help maintain and improve the Church and Community Centre.

Why are we starting this scheme?

St Bartholomew’s Church is a grade 2 listed building in a beautiful conservation area. The church serves the community with regular Sunday and mid-week services and is a very popular venue for weddings, baptisms, concerts and community events.

However, we receive no income from the government or the Church of England and the running costs for the church now exceed £161 per day.  This includes an annual payment to the diocese of almost £30,000, well in excess of the amount raised by the regular congregation.

Additionally, we have been working for some years, admirably supported by the local community, to raise money for the church building itself, which is in need of major restoration and redevelopment.To meet the needs of church and community, we are seeking to improve facilities and are currently in the process of providing toilets, kitchen, meeting room and storage within the church.

The cost of the project is in the region of £160,000. The programme is phased to be carried out as funds become available through grants, donations and fund-raising.

Apart from the church building, St Bartholomew’s is responsible for the upkeep of Ripponden Community Centre which was converted in 1973 from 19th century cottages owned by the church. The original plan was to demolish the cottages and erect a purpose built community centre on the site. These plans were turned down by Ripponden District Council around 1970 as, by then, the area had been designated a conservation area. The Parochial Church Council (PCC), the governing body of the church, organised and funded the conversion from cottages to a two storey Community Centre.

In 2012, it became necessary to replace the main Community Centre roof as it had become less and less watertight, damaging the majority of the first floor rooms as water found a new path through the ceilings. Three grants were obtained, enabling us to pay for half the cost of this essential task of re-roofing the main roof, as well as to upgrade the upstairs kitchen and insulate the building. Over the winter of 2011/2012, other works were carried out to the northern extension of the community centre which fully restored the roof in that area but at further expense.

How will we use the funds raised?

The PCC agreed in April 2012 that St Bartholomew’s Church should set up a 100 Club in order to raise money for the Church and Community Centre and that the proceeds would be used at its discretion wherever the need was currently the greatest.  If 100 people were to join at a cost of £5 per month, £3400 (less start-up costs and postage) would be available for distribution annually towards ongoing running costs/restoration and redevelopment/upkeep of the Community Centre.  A total of £2600 would be awarded in prizes.

How will the scheme operate?

The cost to join is £5 per month paid by bank Standing Order or a one off annual payment of £60. This will give members one number which shall be placed in twelve consecutive monthly draws. Individuals may have multiple subscriptions. Each December there will be an additional prize of £500. To be eligible for inclusion for this additional prize the member must have paid a minimum of six monthly subscriptions prior to the draw taking place.

The monthly prizes will be:

1st drawn ticket £100.00
2nd drawn ticket £50.00
3rd drawn ticket £25.00

If there are more than 100 Members at any one time, the prize fund will be proportionally increased. The scheme will not operate until at least 60 members join

Each member is allocated a permanent number in the monthly draw. This number shall remain the member’s provided their subscription is up to date. Members holding more than one share will be allocated an additional number for each monthly share.

The winning numbers will be drawn on the first Sunday of each month. Winners will be notified and will receive payment by cheque within 14 days of the draw taking place. The Draws will be made in the presence of a minimum of three people which will include members and PCC members. Winners will be listed in Ryburn Link and on the Church website.

How can I join?

Email your address to; or call 01422 824129


Ann Teasdale – Church Warden

David Butler – Scheme Administrator