August 2013

We are now preparing to say farewell to our Vicar, Rev Chris Wray, whose last service will be a Benefice Service at 11.00 am on Sunday 25 August, followed by lunch in the community centre.   After Chris’ departure, we will move onto the next stage of seeking a new incumbent.  A lot of work has already taken place but we can’t advertise the vacancy until the present incumbent retires.    The interregnum will pose new challenges but is a time of opportunity as well.

The 100 club winners this month were: 1st S Sotnyk (26), 2nd J Wood (8) and 3rd P Lum (46).   Congratulations to all the winners – this is the second time June has won.  The beauty of this scheme is that the number goes in the draw every month so members can win more than once.

At the August PCC, it was agreed the proceeds from the first six months of the 100 club should pay for the much-needed outside painting of the community centre.  It was rightly pointed out at the AGM that this was overdue.  Thanks to a number of grants over the past year or two, the upstairs interior has been refurbished and redecorated but it was a number of years since the outside  was last painted.  The painting work is currently being undertaken along with repairs to the wooden frames.  Thanks to the 100 club this expense will not have to be borne by the community centre.

It is now wedding season and there are sometimes weddings at St Bart’s every weekend.  The outside doors were painted a few weeks ago and look so much smarter.

Chris Wray Retirement 003

Following the Vicar’s last service at the end of August, a combined Eucharist with all four churches in the Benefice, a very enjoyable lunch took place in the community centre.  Chris has now retired and moved to Barkisland and we wish him a long and very happy and healthy retirement.

Chris Wray Retirement 005